Mona Chan


Mona is a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist and an expert practitioner with strong Canadian university education holding her BSc in Medical Biochemistry (2010), who has worked alongside Neurologist who specializes in headache, migraines, and concussions, for a sole purpose of helping patients to alleviate physical symptoms through the soles of the feet and the energy of the body.

Mona is always passionate about placing one’s health as her top priority through her expertise in Clinical Therapeutic Reflexology, and care is almost attributed to her name, as for the people she has helped through the many years of professional practice. She has proven to be knowledgeable in her trade, getting her patient’s treatments done in a professionally comforting manner. She is careful to understand her patient’s respective medical histories and naturally adjusts, giving sensitive, science based advises.

Mona has an extensive knowledge on Chinese Medicine, Meridian work, Accupressure gate points work, and has been extending her research on natural health remedies from different countries including the use of essential oils, plant-based herbal usage. She also puts her interest on organic gardening, food fermentation which supports her desire, through her studies, the search for natural remedies for the improvement of human health. Also, she has a strong background on pharmacology, immunology and basis of diseases.

Mona was trained in the world’s leading reflexology institution – TouchPoint Denmark. She completed her Reflexology Training from Reflexology Association of Canada in 2012 where she is proudly certified.


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